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Default Re: Stick Grip Product

Great idea for a mod!

I used the same exact product for this purpose a few weeks ago, black color. It worked good at first, but started peeling off the sticks before long. While it lasts, though, it works great - excellent grip and absolutely no discernible effect on balance, feel or weight.

I think this stuff is coming off because the sticks are polished. I am thinking about re-doing the application, but first using sandpaper to roughen up the stick a bit so the rubber adheres better.

I also brushed the material on, as I had about two-thirds of a can (I use it in other places on the drumset and around the house) and I wanted to coat about 40 percent of the stick, basically all the lower half, and the can isn't deep enough. The material is like really thick paint and cleans up well with mineral spirits.

I think brushing may result in a thinner layer, which is more prone to peeling off the stick. I think that by dipping, you'd get a really thick coat that would be tougher and adhere better.
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