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Originally Posted by Milo
It doesn't matter, IT IS ALL OPINION. And the one thing I noticed here is that not a single person can say something negative about a drummer. One comment that's negative and it's instantly branded "bashing". Do I say you're "kissing a**" when you remark positively about a drummer and praise his name?? NO. If i dislike a drummer, his style, grooves, technique, solos, face, whatever I should be able to say that. . . .

. . . I've made sensible and defined negative comments about a drummers ONE SOLO video and I was threatened in so many words to stop insulting members and pro drummers alike or else..... I never said "I think that drummer sucks big time", I just didn't like one solo I've seen. I'm allowed to dislike it and talk about it. Someone doesn't like your favorite drummer? GET OVER IT. You think I have to say something every time a person says "Peter Criss sucks"? Not at all because I could care, I know he was good for the band. . . .

. . . It's ok to say "Right on!" or "Amen!" but saying something like "I don't care for his playing at all, he's very mediocre" is grounds to jump down someone's throat? I didn't join this forum to hold hands with everyone and tongue b*** of every drummer listed on the page. . . .

. . . I've read some most interesting posts here describing why people do or do not like a certain drummer, and of course the ones who don't agree get chastised. That is wrong. It's called criticism people and it's a normal part of everyday life.
Milo, I deliberately quoted the parts of your post that I would like to respond to.

First of all, it does matter what you say here. Yes, it's all opinion, but the fact is there are some opinions that we really don't want to hear on this forum. Sorry if anyone has a problem with that, but that's the way it is. The rules are spelled out quite clearly. If you wish to state your opinion and it breaks the rules, you aren't chastised for stating your opinion; rather you are chastised for breaking the rules. Can you see the difference?

When you stated your opinions about the one solo that you didn't like, you were using words like "silly" and "pretentious" to describe the drummer. Maybe you don't feel like that is bashing, but I do. Not to argue with you but simply to try to explain. You say "I'm allowed to dislike it and talk about it." I would agree that you are allowed to dislike it, but no, you are not allowed to talk about if the talking becomes bashing, at least not here.

Of course you don't have to respond every time someone says, "Peter Criss sucks!" That's my job. I will let them know that language like that is inappropriate and unwelcome here, and I'll edit or delete their post, and if they argue or continue then I'll ban them.

Like you, I also didn't join this forum to hold hands with everyone here, but it's sad that you see stating admiration for a drummer as a "b*** tongue," and it's sad that as an adult you can't find a more appropriate way of stating that thought. We have members here as young as nine years old, and we ask that you use language that is appropriate for all ages. Adults generally have a large enough vocabulary that they aren't hampered by that rule. Hopefully you'll find a way to work within it as well.

Yes, criticism is a normal part of everyday life, but so is following the rules. When someone invites you into their home, do you argue about their rules and insist on doing what you consider to be normal? Bernard has invited you into his "home" and asked you to follow some simple rules.

Yet another rule that you have seem to have missed here is keeping a thread on topic. This thread is in the Drummer topic, and it is specifically about Tommy Lee, and yet here you are discussing how you feel about the moderating on this forum. If you wish to have a conversation about a new topic, please go to the place where that topic is best discussed and start a new thread there.

None of this is intended as an argument. I only posted this because you seem to be confused about some basic issues here. I hope this helps.
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