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Default Stick Grip Product

I found this product in Ace Hardware that is used for coating tool handles, etc. and decided to try it on some sticks instead of tapes and other products. I bought the 14 ounce can which is approximately 6 inches tall, and the process is just opening the can, stirring the product, and slowly dipping the stick in the can and slowly pulling it out. I put paper clips around the tips first and then after removing from the rubber product, and letting them drip into the can for a while, I hung them on the clothes line in the garage to drip on some paper. They dry completely in four hours. It also appears that I could do all of the sticks I own with one 8 dollar can. I will post picture tomorrow to show the final result. The first pair I did are dry and they feel great, and didnt add significant weight and maybe 1/100th of inch to the diameter if that, I couldn't feel the difference. It is also sold in several colors if that is important. Stay Tuned.

Edit...this product looks like paint but has just enough grip to it. In the second picture you can see some of the product dripping off of the butt end of the stick, but i took a Qtip and just wiped it off.
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