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Default Re: steve morrison - pro drum tech

i just read through all the posts over the past couple days. AWESOME forum!

Originally Posted by Vibra-Slap'd View Post
***Stu, I was proofreading this post, Tommy replied to my email with:
"I have no idea bro!!!!"
That's funny stuff, but my best guess would be early 90's or so. I'll call DW on Monday and find out for you!***

I can tell you.... He switch in 1989 and the first show he played with DW was in Moscow and the Music/Peace Fest. This is also the year that he started with the 26" kick... 1 rack tom and 2 floors....

Steevo can back me up here.... I know a bit about Tommy's Gear over the years.... I have been an avid fan of Tommy's since 1983
just wanted to help you get the facts straight. you were correct on all posts on his kits except this one bro. tommy was still using pearl at the moscow peace fest. it was the custom painted kit with the skulls, crue harley style logo, naked chicks, etc. that kit went to the hard rock afterwards. it was in a playboy shoot ("girls of the hard rock hotel and casino" back in 94. (though they set it up all wrong of course) he also used a pearl kit on the dr. feelgood video shoot (that was set on fire) that fall.

also when he switched over to dw to do the feelgood tour in the fall of 89 the kick in that kit was a 28, not a 26.

not tryin to come off like a jerk or anything but when all that was goin on i was submersed in full on crue. lol
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