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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Hey there Steevo. (great name by the way) i've been playing for 20 yrs and tommy has always been my biggest influence... hell, first tune i learned to play was "Louder Than Hell" from the theater of pain cd. you've got a ton of knowledge there dude. thanx for all the great pics and stuff. I'm actually workin on forming a motley tribute band. bought a new kit last summer... starclassic maple, 16x26, 10x14, 14x16, 16x18, 8x14 maple snare. it rocks. anyway was wonderin just what does tommy use that 32" kick for? or is it just for show? was thinkin it was for somethin since it's mic'd up. i've attached a pic of my kit from a gig from last month... very similar to his. i've gotten alot of his playing style down... stick spins, poppin sticks off the snare, etc. tribute band should be a great show once it's all together. i'm also using a roland spd-s sampling pad. was a little more economical for samples than a brain and pads and stuff. will keep ya posted on things. if you guys get close to baltimore again, would love to come say hey.

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