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It doesn't matter, IT IS ALL OPINION. And the one thing I noticed here is that not a single person can say something negative about a drummer. One comment that's negative and it's instantly branded "bashing". Do I say you're "kissing a**" when you remark positively about a drummer and praise his name?? NO. If i dislike a drummer, his style, grooves, technique, solos, face, whatever I should be able to say that.

I've made sensible and defined negative comments about a drummers ONE SOLO video and I was threatened in so many words to stop insulting members and pro drummers alike or else..... I never said "I think that drummer sucks big time", I just didn't like one solo I've seen. I'm allowed to dislike it and talk about it. Someone doesn't like your favorite drummer? GET OVER IT. You think I have to say something every time a person says "Peter Criss sucks"? Not at all because I could care, I know he was good for the band.

It doesn't matter what age you can dislike a drummer. I don't care if you were a fetus when a band had their biggest can dislike a drummer. Just because you were an old man or infant or saw them live 10 times doesn't mean anything because it's still that person's opinion. If someone makes a credible argument and God forbid you disagree, you can respond with someone other than "I'm so sick of people bashing!" or "He was such a HUGE influence on my playing!", etc. Another member may not feel that way so once again...get over it - they don't agree.

It's ok to say "Right on!" or "Amen!" but saying something like "I don't care for his playing at all, he's very mediocre" is grounds to jump down someone's throat? I didn't join this forum to hold hands with everyone and tongue b*** of every drummer listed on the page. It's good to see educated arguments taking place here. I've read some most interesting posts here describing why people do or do not like a certain drummer, and of course the ones who don't agree get chastised. That is wrong. It's called criticism people and it's a normal part of everyday life.

I happen to like Tommy Lee but I've also agreed with things said in the "negative" and "positive" posts alike. That should tell you something....

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