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Default Steve Smith DVD: Developing a strong swing Pulse (From Shuffle to Straight Eighth)

Hi all,

I have been studying the section on Steve Smith's DVD entitled Developing a Strong Swing pulse. He explains that by using the 3 over 2 polyrhythm in the following exercises helped him develop his strong swing pulse.

He first starts off by playing this polyrhythm in his hands, with the 3 syncopated quarter note triplets on the snare and the 2 on the ride cymbal, while the bass drum plays quarter notes with the hi hat on 2 and 4. Then he plays it with the classic jazz ride pattern, as this polyrhythm falls naturally into it. Then you accent the 2 and 4 while playing the syncopated quarter note triplet against the swing and shuffle ride pattern.

My question is regarding the next section which he covers which is to do with Straight Eighths. He says that although they may sound unrelated, the Straight Eighth rhythm came directly out of the shuffle. I think that when he's playing the shuffle pattern in his snare part, he starts to accent the upbeats, so that you can hear the straight eights?? How do I approach this??

He then plays the polyrhythm with his feet and goes through the same exercises, of accenting the 2 and 4, with the swing and shuffle, which I can do, but it's when he switches to straight eights again then I don't understand how he does this.

After this he finishes by playing this polyrhythm in his feet and playing a variety of rhythms on top with his hands which is just ridiculous for independence- solid!!

By the way, went to NYC last week and had an unbeleiveable time, saw Stanley Clarke at the Blue Note with Lenny White and Patrice Rushen, got a picture with Joel Rosenblatt another night, and got a picture with Steve Smith who I went to see with Vital Information at the Iridium, fantastic!!
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