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Originally Posted by Tim Waterson View Post
Gene is NOT relatively unknown..
For drummers who want to know more about MEAN GENE do a search on
Dark Angel,Death (some of the most TECHNICAL METAL ever recorded)
SSL and anything with Devin townsend as devin has about 100 projects going..
you will find tons on this moster player...
I felt like a midget standing beside him..........

Wow! Tim Waterson :)!

What I meant is that Joey Jordison, for example, is more known than Gene, whether it's within the drummers community or in general public. Travis Barker also. Although, so far, Gene's work is more impressive than theirs (for me at least). He's just not in a commercial band that makes people talk about.

The number of replies on this thread is the proof (5 so far). Should anyone start a thread on Jordison, he'll get some 30 replies pretty quickly (well, maybe not :) ).

PS: Strapping Young Lad is probably my favourite metal band, so I know Gene's work and bio pretty well. I've listened to the Symbolic record by Death as well. Anyone should listen to Alien (by Strapping). Some of the most violent, psychedelic, abstract and complex metal record made. A perfect showcase of Gene's capacities!
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