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That's cool that you disagree with me but it seems like you disagree with Novice Legend more than me because I was responding to his statement, not so much as stating my observations of Vinnie's playing. I was suggesting that he may be interpreting Vinnie's playing a certain way because.... it's all about trying to understand one's point of view before offering comments.

Of course Vinnie is diverse and his track record shows that. But the same could be said of drummers like Terry Bozzio, Thomas Lang, Chester Thompson, Chad Wackerman, etc. It seems to me that you're taking it personal when other drummers don't have the same praises for a drummer that you adore. Subjectivity, my friend! Not everyone has the same pair of ears.

I like Vinnie's playing, he's awesome; one of the best of all time. I even had a chance to meet him. Frankly, he was kind of rude but what the hell, he's human. We all have our days. I guess I just don't hear what you hear but with all due respect, I'm entitled to my opinion, right?

What if I said that I preferred Thomas Lang's playing to Vinnie's? He's shown that he can handle any style. Sure, he hasn't played on as many albums but he also lives in Europe and plays in a different scene and in styles of music that are not common in Los Angeles. Would you say that Vinnie could do all the stuff Thomas Lang does on his DVD? Does Vinnie produce albums and write his own music like Thomas Lang? So you can argue that you like Vinnie's drumming over Lang's but I can argue that Lang is a better drummer and musician than Vinnie based on what he can do. BUT.... I won't because we have our subjective ears and types of drumming as well as musical approaches that appeal to us. But if you're into Vinnie, cool. He's a monster drummer.

As far as grooves..I guess I also have to disagree with you when you say it doesn't get much better than Gadd. I think he's very diverse and gets the job done but I think I'll take Jeff Watts' swing over his, Horacio Hernandez's Latin playing over his and Jabo Starts when it comes to funk. But again, trust your ears because that's what leads to your heart.

Good conversation! You're awesome!
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