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Originally Posted by Mook View Post
I've had a go at the bits I was most interested in, however I've barely played this year & when I have - it's been in the context of a band. I'm not really one for playing songs the whole way through - I prefer to adapt beats/chops & play them in my own way - which is partly down to laziness. I did manage the 32nd notes (playing them on my knees & the floor) - they're not easy though - I'd put 'Token of my extreme' up there in my top 5 or 10 drum tracks of all time, amazing stuff!

Haha, a man after my heart. I've never had much concentration to play through transcriptions end to end, but Token has such great parts that i've made a commitment to see it through lol
Awesome track awesome Vinnie.

Nice to see Ian Ballard make a return too
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