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Originally Posted by my charts View Post
Okay, I think its pretty clear that people saying his solo isn't rhythmic are just biased against his style of playing. If you don't appreciate metal then that is your loss, but what is this about "his solo is so fast that it is not rhythmic"? Obviously there still exists rhythm at whatever speed he plays. If you mean that you can't discern where he is playing the notes and that he is just playing randomly with each limb, then maybe you're right but then again, who among us drummers doesn't occasionaly play randomly during a solo. The point of a solo is to showcase your skills and sound cool. Also, his drum tones do suck but that could have something to do with the video quality. I'm from a jazz and mainstream background, but i've recently come to love metal and if you arn't willing to look past the demonic thing then you will never fully realize what the music has to offer. To anybody who disputes that flo isn't one of the fastest AND most well rounded drummers on the planet, just listen to cryptopsy's new cd.
It's not that people are biased against metal. I love metal of all types just as much as the next guy, but that was not a very rhythmic. It's a fact, not a bias. It didn't feel good, it just felt fast. Yes, I enjoy his drumming, but that wasn't my favorite piece of it.
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