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Default Matt Tong

Hey guys! I haven't been on this awesome site for quite a while now - school commitments and yada yada... you know the drill...

Anyways, I decided to glance through here for a while, but I realised, to my hearts disappointment - that there was next to nothing of any mention of my new "stuck in my head" drummer - Matt Tong.

Oh the travesty!

When will it end? Not only is there no page for him on the site, he's not on the wishlist, OR the watchlist, nor is there a post devoted to him.

Sure he may not be as awesome as some of the greats out there, but I reckon he's worth a listen. He's the drummer for Bloc Party - and he adds this dimension to the music that makes it ecstatic. Normally I don't go for this kinda music, but this stuff's pretty good.

Only thing he's every done wrong is decided (with Bloc Party) to tour as a frontrunner with panic at the disco... Played his little heart out there as well - or should I say lung... hehehe

All the best

- Ashbash

PS: Plus he's asian. Wow. Finally a good asian drummer in the sortofish mainstream!

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