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Default Re: The Buddy Rich trick

I have been working on it for about 9 months. I hit my peek in speed about 4 months into it. I don't have it as fast a JO JO, but fast enough for my needs. The first guy I saw do it live was Bill Stewart obviously not the first guy to do it. I then saw Ari Hoenig do it and asked him about it when I took some lessons from him last yr. He showed me that it was just like the drop catch technique of the double stroke roll and that you just straighten it out. He doesn't have it super fast either but he really utilizes it in his playing and very musical with it. It took a while to get used to and once I could do it slow I try doing things against it with other limbs like Ted Reeds Syncopation with jazz swing and Samba feels. Also did some rock grooves out of Carmine Appices book too playing 16ths on the hi hat or ride. After a few months of that I just started to use it in my own ideas. The books were a good start though.

I have a hard time doing it with my right hand traditional(I'm a lefty) grip. I need to spend time on that. I may get a gig on a cruise ship soon for a while so if that happens I will have plenty of time to practice! It's funny because I can do it a bit better with my right hand matched( my week hand) than I can with my left. I got obsesive about 12 yrs ago with the whole finger technique thing and would practice my right hand in the car everywhere I would drive. (That was all that gladstone type technique though. You know down! down! down! Like dribbling a basket ball.) A couple of yrs later my fingers were better in my right hand but my left wrist is still stronger. I wish I knew about the Buddy Rich technique trick then, I think I would have it better and faster because I was younger and more focused on just hand technique.
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