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hi all...

first of all he is one of the best heavy metal drumers ever ! his style is unique. also he is very talented and very flexible at his playing...i was lucky to have the chance to see him live in athens on amolad tour on 11/3/2007 ... his drums and cymbals were amazing escorted by his fantastic matter of fact his right foot...he trully is fast but not on the wicker man..jeez wats so great about that ? even i can play it.. his speed can be seen somewhere else..i was amazed when i saw/hear him on rock in rio 2001 playing the dream of mirrors (maybe its on studio version too)...i really dunno how he's doing that...Also listen to the Out of the silent planet...just hear the bass on the last chorus...yeah ..thats 1 foot only ... if somebody really know how he manage to that pls imform me ..

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