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Hello Nicko Mcbrain

Ego is very big iron maiden fan.

ego see very loosely and drag on iron maiden consert!

but ego not drag off mother:(

ego is from norway bronnoysund.

my father is death father death 2003:(

iron maiden is beast band for ever!

you have greet to Bruce, Janick,Dave,Adrian and Steve!

are you MSN? my adress is

please bearning to me!

ego see all iron maiden albums.

are you homepage?

were much see your drumset?

ego is not home page.

ego is very not god to english and ego see you see me!

ego from norway.

Your drumset is very very coold!


ego see you answer me!

please answer me to e-post! me e-post adress is

From Oivind Andre Nergaard Svendsen

Norway, Bronnoysund
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