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All just an opinion .... but:

Keith Moon was rock and roll ... He did it all first.... and in the years when he was playing at his best... nothing anyone has done since has come close.

In rock - he was the first to bring the drums forward as more than just time keeping, in fact he brought them forward as more than just another instrument... at times he made them centre stage ... with or without antics...

When he was on it, he lost himself in his drumming... instinct overtook everything and his feelings/emotions spoke (or shouted) through the skins....

Sure he made faces, he did sometimes blow up his drum kit as a finale, or just smash it alongside Pete destroying the odd guitar or amp... He became famous for his off-stage antics, facts and rumours blended into myth and legend - and he became a celebrity. This stuff along with the energy, anger, newness and unapologetic arrogance of their music, succeeded in helping to get (and keep) The Who famous...

But these things divert attention from the fact that at his best, - he was the best there has ever been.

Watch the 'Live at the Isle of Wight DVD' ... listen to 'Who's Next' ... which are around the time I think he was drumming at his peak.

Accused of being "Sloppy?" ... Maybe.... but if so 'sloppy' in the same way that Hendrix didn't pluck every note bang on the beat, sloppy like Keith Richards is often an 8th or so behind with the dirty sounding Tele ... sloppy in the way Dylan's or Morrisey's poetry snd prose doesn't always meter exactly into the 4/4 of their songs... Any less of a genius because of it? .... NO ..... It's an integral part of the magic...

Moonie's explosive drumming was the powerhouse that drove The Who's music

(You can probably guess I'm a fan ... !) .... But once familiar with The Who's music, you hear how much their infuence flows through so many bands that have followed of almost any genre. I can't think of many - if any - rock drummers that have followed, who have none of Keith's influence in their playing. - After all - he did it first...

As a note, he also said he thought drum solo's pointless and boring.....

As for things like the 'goldfish' solo, - it was done in latter years when Keith's constant daily consumption of brandy, champagne and all kinds of illicit substances had reached such levels to leave him slow, slurry and unable to connect with his talent within. He may have been sitting on the drum stool, but he was so stoned that to all intents and purposes he wasn't really even there. Don't judge him on that performance, listen to and watch some of his earlier work.

The only drummer I have heard that can possibly equal Keith back in his heyday .... is Zak Starkey.

Any comments anyone?!!
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