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Default Antonio Sanchez

Waw! This latin drummer is very great. So, I went to the concert of Pat Metheny Group at the AB in Brussels in 2002 (sorry for my English, I'm Belgian). It was wonderful: his playing was very interesting but I was very impressed when he started his drumsolo in "The Gathering Sky". He played an entire solo keeping the same rythm with his feet...!

At that time, I was just a saxplayer but Antonio and also Paul Wertico are the drummers that made me want to play the drums!

Of course, I'll put this video, the famous solo of the Modern Drummer Days 2003
But I can't resist to put this video, a trio with Osmany Paredes and Luri Molina, when they played "Walkin'" of Miles :

Don't hesitate to go and see that page!

Keep Swingin'
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