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Originally Posted by Paul Quin View Post
With respect to the youtube clip I attached above, Grusin is playing a song called Mountain Dance and Carlos just nails what is a very complicated groove. I do not know who played on the original studio version of this tune but it sounds like Gadd (but I could be wrong). The reason I mentioned it was there was a thread recently about a forum member who was fired from his band. I recently read that David Garibaldi was once hired by Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin and was fired after a couple of days of rehearsal for being unable to nail the "ass backwards" groove of Mountain Dance. I thought that was interesting - not least of all because Garibaldi is quite simply a monster player and it takes some hubris to admit such a fact. It just increases my respect for Garibaldi and for Carlos.

Peace to all

Harvey mason plays on the studio rec of mountain dance.
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