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I've seen him live once, which was at the Drummer's Collective's 25th anniversary concert (you can see me on the DVD for about 4 seconds!) when he did the sick rendition of The Chicken. I have strong memories (or at least impressions) of Weckl's drumming on that song. And if I haven't already made it clear: I am a fan of Dave's; it's just I have no intention of copying his sound.

But overall we have differing opinions, in that I do believe there is such a thing as being "too refined" and "too perfect." A machine is perfect, yet I'm left feeling cold when listening to it -- why? Same thing goes with drummers. Weckl's early playing is nothing short of top-notch, yet I recoil from it in the same way I do when I hear a CD or mp3 that is overly bright and "crystally" -- it just sounds too crisp and clean for its own good. I'm human, and I want to hear the occasional imperfections and screw-ups.

But again, this is my personal taste -- I know I'm making very few friends by saying this stuff.

PS: Bromberg and crew were in Boston on Thursday.. three days ago. D'oh!
Aww...You missed your chance to see him! Yea, they played in Annapolis, Md at The Rams Head Tavern, the night before Boston! A FANTASTIC small venue for shows! And I couldn't of asked for a better seat as far as watching Weckl. It was an exceptional spot in reference to his set-up! A side view, totally unobstructed, and only ten or so feet away!

So you can see, that my review I posted on Thursday, was a "spot on" rendition of the evenings' event! And Weckl was "spot on" with his performance!

Though I disagree with the "too refined", etc...opinion of his playing, I concur with you about his "early playing" without the part about it sounding "too crisp and clean".

Play On! ;-)
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