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Default Re: Dave Weckl

I've seen him live once, which was at the Drummer's Collective's 25th anniversary concert (you can see me on the DVD for about 4 seconds!) when he did the sick rendition of The Chicken. I have strong memories (or at least impressions) of Weckl's drumming on that song. And if I haven't already made it clear: I am a fan of Dave's; it's just I have no intention of copying his sound.

But overall we have differing opinions, in that I do believe there is such a thing as being "too refined" and "too perfect." A machine is perfect, yet I'm left feeling cold when listening to it -- why? Same thing goes with drummers. Weckl's early playing is nothing short of top-notch, yet I recoil from it in the same way I do when I hear a CD or mp3 that is overly bright and "crystally" -- it just sounds too crisp and clean for its own good. I'm human, and I want to hear the occasional imperfections and screw-ups.

But again, this is my personal taste -- I know I'm making very few friends by saying this stuff.

PS: Bromberg and crew were in Boston on Thursday.. three days ago. D'oh!
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