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You know how Weckl has (or at least had back in the Electrik Band days) some critics out there, that he's too machine-like? Those critics were complaining because they heard something that they felt was "too polished." I know that some people wouldn't agree with my opinion, but I whole-heartedly think that you can be too refined and perfect, Weckl being perhaps Exhibit A in my argument. Don't get me wrong, I really like Dave's playing, and the original Electrik Band album is a personal favorite of mine, but I don't love him. I suppose I'd rather listen to someone gritty like Billy Martin or Mike Clark.

About the punk comment, I really don't think he could get that attitude down. It's gotta be sloppy-but-together in a way that is entirely uncalculated and unthinking, and yet Dave is a VERY cerebral drummer.
Well, KzSgDrummer...have you ever seen Weckl live? I just did 4 nights ago from 10 feet away, and I have to tell ya...He was as "improv" as any drummer out there! And I got some GREAT video to back that up!

To describe what I SAW, the other night, would be FAR from "too refined and "too perfect", 'cause I BELIEVE those descriptions are NOT accurate or possible!

That's just MHO, and you would agree with me if you had been there Wednesday night to see DW perform his wonderful set with incredible style and precision, without being "robotic", as it seems SOME say he plays like!

Go see him with The Downright Upright Allstars, and see for yourself...Play On! ;-)
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