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Default Re: posts decreasing?

Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
I lost over 300 posts in the Great Off Topic Forum Purge of 2006. These things happen. Be strong. You will get through this crisis. One day at a time.
Yes, I lost about 300 or 400 too. And it is nice that you mention a word like crisis in this topic. Because I have to say that it is a strange feeling when seeing that you lost posts. the first thing I had in mind: I wrote crap. (sometimes yes. lol)
I remember that I once asked you Thomas why some of my posts got deleted. You responded something like Jason...this was a smooth feeling though. =)

It is also right that many people know you because you have many many posts...but do they know you really by your count or by post quality? (When saying quality it doesn`t mean that it is high-quality.)
I mean, Stu has over 4000 posts...but then again he doesn`t post here at the moment. However, he is a very well-known guy here...because he is such a nice person and wrote very valuable stuff. I hope that he will return one day.

But my favourite example is Jazzgregg (Gregg): Does he have soo many posts? maybe, maybe not...but that doesn`t matter. I think everybody out there respects him very much (sometimes I`m kinda afraid how true and how bombing his posts will be :-D). His knowledge is amazing and his posts are true, like a true punch in your face. This definitly shows for me that the topic post count isn`t very important.


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