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Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
A big mistake that is too often made about Tim is that he is all speed and nothing else. Yes, he does hold world records for his speed, but he'll be the first to tell you that speed alone means nothing. Do yourself a favor and listen to him play!! He has speed, chops, and musicality, and he's a great teacher. And a heck of a great guy!
Thanks ThomasDB
You are right the WFD thing is a double edge sword.
Unfortunately doing WFD all these years people just want to see my break records and the WFD was pushing that as well
I told DRUMMERES when I could do it clean I would and so thats why i put it on the DVD..
we have been bugging the WFD to let us show how to apply speed on the drums and show musical applications but only JR and Mike Mangini were allowed to perform.

I have always said being the fastest does not make me any better than someone who is slower it just makes my JOB playing Music much easier at normal tempos...LOL

I am going to be doing clinics promting the new dvd and one entire section is dedicated to Accuracy VS Speed.
No sense being able to hit 1057 if you cant play at 260 and no sense being able to hit 1000 if you cant play at 800 and so on......
Thanks for the support
God Bless
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