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Originally Posted by Thinshells
Get all of Galactic's cd's. They make my day...and move my feet. DAMN good music!
I fell in love with Galactic last day of Jazzfest OUTSIDE at the old Mermaid about nine years ago. They're certainly top-five among the bands I've loved most in New Orleans the last 16 years.

So -- imagine my surprise when I find that Stanton Moore's giving a drum clinic here in Tulsa last night at The Music Store. ???

The clinic must have been an abridged version of his DVDs ... still, you don't know how it did my heart good to see him and hear him and enjoy myriad riffs from signaturely New Orleans sounds. I'm terribly homesick for my corner at Frenchmen and Chartres.

I got his Kooked album back when I realized he was at Fog City with Papa Mali, Robert Walter, MOFRO, et al. I'm tempted to get the DVDs for my Dad's birthday even though he doesn't actually play drums. When he heard I was going last night, he ticked off all these percussionists he'd loved back in the day (his father was bandleader and drummer 20s-50s), most of whom Moore mentioned at one point or another last night.

Sounds like the musicians really like the DVDs ... judging by the responses he got from the audience last night, I'm not surprised.

I'm wondering if they're so good they might be fun for someone like my Dad or me or whether another of his albums might be best for his birthday present. Couldn't hurt to have a CD of Kooked ... left my record at home.

All in all ... after last night and cruising the net today, I'm really pumped (but not surprised) to see how successful and well-known Moore's become. Sounds like Johnny's advice to hit the road rather than get stuck for good in our beloved city has held him in good stead. He put on such a great symposium last night ... the technical details and some of the vocab were over my head but his history and demos and personal details made for most entertaining evening.

I don't know if he does this sort of thing all the time but anyone who ever has the opportunity to attend one of these sessions is missing a bet if they don't go.
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