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HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you crack me up bratha! Well...we just gonna have to try all of them huh!? LOL

Man...I really appreciate what you said one HOD. The reality is that, the 2 sites are not in the same category.

Drummerworld = Every one wants to be a part of it.
HOD = Many players avoid it. You know why.

I personally get a great kick out of these forums. When I look at drummerworld, I see an ocean of passionate people. With a love of music and drumming so deep that it overwhelms the drummers internet community. At Drummers collective, you walk into the computer room, 85 % of the computers are on drummerworld. ACM Guildford, near London...the same thing. I suspect that story is repeated over and over on a worldwide level. HOD = not one of the DC students heard of it, until I turned them on to it. I can see that most of them are staying away also.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller. People read these forums and word gets around. This art form that binds us together, is a superbly rich spiritual journey. It is a thing of beauty beyond description. To drag your soul through the gutter of negativity (as some do on forums) is a sign of self doubt, jealousy, fear and misunderstanding. The time we have on this waayyy to short to be mired in that! Every day we breath, is a gift, and every day we live as drummers, as musicians, is pure......heaven. We are so lucky to have drums. Music. I have met Millionaires, ridiculously wealthy people that say they would give it all up...if they had a chance to live their life again and pursue the dream they gave up...Drums. I have been to many poor countries, where drummers tape their sticks together when they start falling apart, and play them until they are toothpicks. To be living this a true dream come true.

Every time I surf to drummerworld, I am overwhelmed. I see so many players. So much dedication, will power, persistence, discipline, and most of all love. How can anyone not want to be a part of it.

I am so grateful to you Bernhard, for building this world out here in cyberspace. It permeates the lives of young drummers and old. You created a place for the soul to be enriched, the mind stimulated. A true labor of pure...Love.

I've rambled enough.
Drums are life!

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We will hopefully meet at Box of tricks - received an invitation.

Is there good beer in Germany? no idea - WE WILL CHECK OUT of course......


Live to play!
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