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Originally Posted by murphinelli View Post
Thanks!!! Now you're really making me jealous!! I was going to see them tonight in Boston....However, I have a rehearsal for my church's easter concert...:-(

Been listening to a lot of Brian Bromberg lately. Don't have the new album yet...But, will soon.
You're welcome, murph! Sorry to make ya jealous, but I'm only speaking from the heart!

That's too bad you won't see them tonight, but that church concert is more important! Good Luck with the show at Easter! ;-)

Yea, Brian Bromberg is INCREDIBLE!! Just blew me away, last night! You should pick up his new one! It's got some fantastic players on it, INCLUDING Vinnie Colaiuta! I highly recommend it! They were selling it at the show last night, so I think it's in stores! Check it out! It won't dissapoint...Play On! ;-)

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