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Well, the Weckl show was last night, and I had a FANTASTIC seat to see him in "full flight!" As you may already know, he's touring with Brian Brombergs' Downright Upright Allstars. And these guys aim to please! WOW! You talk about incredible musicians!

You have Bromberg on upright acoustic bass, who in my opinion, is one of THE best bass players in the world! BAR NONE! He left me with my jaw draggin' on the floor walkin' outta the Rams Head Tavern, in Annapolis, where they played last night.

Then you have Jeff Lorber on piano...OMG! All the accolades you've ever heard about Lorber are absolutely TRUE! The guy "diddled that ivory" like NO ONE I've ever seen, short of Keith Emerson! They call Lorber "The Godfather", and I can certaintly see and hear why!

There's Gary Meek on the tenor saxophone! I honestly haven't heard alot about Meek in the past, BUT I will definitely try to hear more of him from now on! He's a MONSTER with that sax! So quick and fluent without losing ANY musicality! I recommend anyone to check out his discography! You WON'T be dissapointed!

And, how 'bout Randy Brecker! He needs NO introduction! He's played with SO MANY of the greats, Cobham, Pastorius, Coryell, Zappa, and, of course, he was on the first Blood, Sweat, and Tears album in 1968! And everybody remembers the years with his younger brother, Michael, who we just recently lost. The Brecker Brothers were big from '75 to '82, when they split and Randy hooked up with Jaco to record and tour with his band. He reunited with Michael in 2001 to record and tour with him! It is an honor to the DUA, to have him touring with them, and it definitely showed last night. What a performance by Randy! He sounds so lively and fresh with that trumpet of his!! Ummm...Bravo!

And as far as the drummer goes...AGAIN, HE needs no intro! Dave Weckl is such an inspiration to me, and last nights' performance was absolutely NO exception! I had an incredible view of him 'cause his set was sideways to my view. I was sitting in the front of the stage only 1 table from the front row. Couldn't of asked for a better place to be at The Rams Head! Weckl's bass foot work in PERFECT syncopation with his high-hat was in full view and I was just "glued" to that sight all night! I got some really EXCELLENT video of him on my video-phone, and I've been watching it over and over again, today!

He did a brush solo near, the end of the show, that made my head spin! OMG! Can a human being really do that?!! HOLY S*#T!! If you have a chance to see Weckl on this tour, and you are a fan of drums...YOU REALLY NEED TO SEE HIM play with these guys! You'd be making a HUGE mistake not to! I HIGHLY recommend getting tickets to see the Downright Upright Allstars! What a show...Play On! ;-)

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