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Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Hey, thanks!! Yes, Elvin`s playing would be a blast, have some concerts of him with band/Jazz machine. But I actually wanna go for something "straighter", something more BeBop-like. So Milestone seems very very interessting, where can I buy it, I couldn`t find it on Amazon...

thanks very much

Milestones has 'Philly' playing on it, but it should be available at most places. Just make sure it's the proper album 'Milestone's', not a compilation of early Miles stuff also called Milestones.

Anyway, as Bernhard said, back to Lewis Nash. Nash did some great stuff with Tommy Flanagan that when you get a chance to check out I think you'll really enjoy. The thing with Nash is he's not hugely innovative but I would go so far to say that for straight ahead stuff I personally think he's the best player today.
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