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Hello DRUMMERWORLD drummers and thanks to Bernhard for such a GREAT site.

For the drummers who dont know anything about me except WFD stuff.
I am about MUSIC,DRUMS AND DRUMMING...................

"Just don't get me started talking about drums or I will NEVER shut up" .LOL

click on and the intro clip is the type of music I end up playing to pay the rent..

To make a living playing music here you need to play more COUNTRY as you go North and as you go down south you get to play more Blues and Rock...
There are more ROCK sound clips from Judea s cd at

I created the WORLD record for the feet to promote a drum association I started in Edmonton..I got a lot of flack on how sloppy the record was well I was just tryimng to finish 60 seconds without falling on the floor.....LOL
I did post a fairly clean clip at you tube of 1057 in singles
Enough about the Wfd stuff.

The majority of videos i have posted were in response to drummers asking about techniques and I will continue to do so WHEN I get my NEW drums..... .

I have spent quite a while working on the new bassdrum techniques,motions and applications dvd to make sure I covered all the basses no pun intended....LOL
rather than try to promote the dvd you can just read the review and see comments from the Pros at

I posted clips from 4 different bands at for drummers who wanted to hear me playing with the bands.
see I told you I talk a LOT when I get started on drums and drumming and drums and drumming.....LOL LOL!
God Bless
Axis Ambassador..
God Bless
Tim Waterson
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