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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
how's this?

rock 'n roll intro...
Very cool - That's pretty much what I come up with too. Only thing I hear differently is that I don't think Bonham articulates every 8th on the HH during that intro. I can hear the HH breathing a little here and there (basically by listening real close with headphones on). I think I can here where stick articulations on the HH are not present in the phrase.

I know that sounds totally weird that someone would even be that picky about it, but that's one of the small spices I think he uses to get the particular character in the line that he does. At least when I play the entire phrase with locked hands (both hands articulating all the 8ths), it doesn't sound quite right. When I add space as I think I'm hearing in the recording, it sounds extremely close to the original.

It's not really any harder to play it locked hands or leave a little space here or there, so probably whatever way someone prefers is the best anyway.

BTW, I'm totally not trying to start any arguments or anything - just explaining why I'm coming up with a little different interpretation that Nutha.
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