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Hey Karl, so are you looking for some nice Elvin playing? Some really great Elvin stuff (not all with Coltrane though so...?) would be Ballads by Coltrane. I love ballads and this has some fantastic playing all round (All or Nothing at all has some of the best playing on it, just brilliant). 1961 Village Vanguard sessions by Coltrane is also very fine as are the usual classics A love Supreme, Blue Train with 'Philly', Giant Steps, Crescent...I mean theres so many that with a budget it's hard to pick. You know, theres an album called Unity by Larry Young in which Elvin plays some of the absolute greatest drumming on but eventually you'll pick all these up so I wouldn't worry a whole lot. I would consider Ballads or Unity.
For Mr Davis, depending on which quintet you are looking at, the 1st with 'Philly' or the 2nd with Williams, I'll assume you have Kind of Blue with Cobb. Ummm, if you are looking at the 1st I would definitely go with Milestones. A true classic bop album with crazy drumming, some of the best drum solo's and breaks you'll here! Apart from that there is the 'workin', 'cookin', 'steamin' blah blah series but I would go Milestones first then others later unless you were after the Williams period in which case Miles Smiles, Nefertiti, My funny Valentine + Four and More (same record date, the former is a slower ballady set, the latter uptempo) wait. Too many, to make it easier I would suggest Ballads and either Milestones or Nefertiti, that way you have a good range of styles and music (uptempo, medium, ballads), tunes (some great standards), and drumming (piles of stuff to transcribe and choose from).
Good luck choosing and remember, any of these you get will be brilliant. They are all classics!
Tell me how you go.
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