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If you count 8th notes in time as "1-and 2-and 3-and 4-and", the downbeats are the numbers (when you say "1", "2", "3", "4"); the upbeats are when you say "and".

Alot of people count this way. Then they might count 16th notes in time as "1-e-and-uh 2-e-and-uh" etc.

It that example above, the intro phrase starts on the upbeat of 3 (or the "and" of 3).

Ok, the first snare hit is AND 3 and 4 .....or is it.....AND 4 and 1 ....

neither one counts right for me...I just can't count that?! I cant' hear it! I CAN PLAY IT....but I can't count it.....story of my freakin' life!
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