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Thank you, gentlemen. Ramping up a business is just too much hassle, so I just make these one-offs for myself, but if anyone wanted one I'd consider doing stuff on commission. Because I have pretty basic tools, I can't manufacture these in any quantity and anything I'd charge would barely cover time and materials.

Below is the Weather Machine. It's not so much a hardware mod as an interesting way of mounting stuff. It consists of (top to bottom) a Meinl rain wheel (sounds like rain), LP temple blocks (sounds like clouds), LP chimes (sounds like sunlight) and and LP feng luo (wind gong, sounds like wind and thunder). It's all mounted on some unknown '80s vintage stand. I put this together about ten years ago and it's mainly for accents and adds a lot of drama to shows, but it don't use it much.

Front view. I have to rotate the stand for maximum stability as it's front-heavy. A screw secures it to the wall while at home. Mallets store on the instruments.

Back view. Pretty strightforward mounting, except the wind gong hangs from the chime mount with Velcro to prevent wandering. I use roller skate bearings to secure the rain wheel, assuring smooth operation.
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