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Kelly is a textbook example of tasteful drumming. He plays for the songs. Night Ranger is one of my favourite 80s band and Kelly's drumming on their most "recent" studio album ("Seven" and "Neverland") is really good.

I also dig his groove on King Of Heats' "Midnight Crossing". He doesn't sing on this one and I found his drumming a bit looser (in a good way) than with NR.

My absolute Kelly Keagy song ever is "The Journey" off his first solo album "Time Passes". His singing is really top notch and his drumming is, as always, very solid and tasteful.

Kelly might not be Steve Smith but he's one of the very good drummers that came out in the 80s. I am glad he got mentioned in MD but I personally would have chosen another song to praise his playing.
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