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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

I just got back from seeing The Stanton Moore Trio in Tallahassee, FL. It was an incredible show and I'm way lucky to have been to see it. Such a monstrous groove from that dude and the ghost notes never stop. Super intense.

Mr. Moore was way approachable and friendly to everyone at the bar. I went to ask him about donating a drumset to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort and he was nice enough to pack the kit up into his trailer and take it up there himself. I hadn't really planned on letting go of the kit that early and it was kind of a snap decision but it was awesome. Plus I saved a few dollars on shipping. This was my touring drumset for quite some time and a pretty sentimental object for me.

Thanks so much to you, Mr. Moore for helping me pass that kit a long. I hope it ends up in good hands. Also thanks for an incredible show.

Take care man.

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