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Originally Posted by DWfan20005 View Post
Yeah ya gotta good point there.I hate saying the dreaded word "mature" but +44's music definitly more mature and thought provoking then Blink-182's music. Not that Blinks music doesn't make ya think but the meanings behind +44's music allows them to be taken much more seriously.
Blink 182 will prob always be one of my favorite bands for a simple reasons. they were fun, funny, and as their careers went on, their music progressed in level of a little thought and more musically wise. I also love blink 182 cause a good amount of their songs i can relate to because i am 16 years old. But on the flip side, after blink broke up +44 evolved and so did AVA and both bands now are more mature than blink 182 as far as thought put into songs lyrically. Basically blink 182 was serious about not being serious and +44 are 2/3 of those same goofy, funny, fun guys of blink but with a more mature presentation on the album (maybe still not in person)
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