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Default Re: The Buddy Rich trick

I almost don't know which thread to post this to (because we have several on this subject), but I've just discovered a DVD with SEVERAL real good looks at the master himself doing this with his left hand (traditional grip) on the hi-hat.

You will see it on the Hudson Music release Live at the 1982 Montreal Jazz Festival. There are a couple other spots where you can see him do it on the snare, but if you watch song 5, West Side Story Medley, the first drum solo break (which is really a cymbal solo), you can see it clearly from 2 angles.

I'm not currently a traditional grip player so I haven't even dared try it, but I bet if some long time trad. grip players saw this video it would make real good sense and may even clear the mystery up.

FWIW, this DVD is exceptional. The band is top notch and tight, and even once almost seem to be caught off-guard (in amazement) coming back in after after one of Buddy's unbelievable solo breaks. (in fact it is later in the same tune referenced above). I haven't been able to stop watching this DVD since I got it 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

Cheers again to Bernhard, Jason, DogBreath and everyone that contributes for making this forum such a great resource!

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