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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

wow... stanton moore. it's an honor.

i went to visit my grandparents in louisiana this christmas break, and my girlfriend took a day trip to new orleans.

it was a great experience, although we didn't stray far from the french quarter. i knew about

tipitina's, but wasn't sure as to where it was. and i tried to see some jazz in the preservation

hall but unfortunately it was closed for the holiday (new years eve).

next time though, i'm taking that list of places with me, to absorb some more of the culture. i

did buy some artwork in jackson square, and eat at a restaurant in the french quarter

(priiicey), so i felt like i did a little in the way of helping new orleans.

it was amazing though to see damage from katrina coming into the city on interstate 10 (i think?) that has yet to be cleaned up.

and looking into the neighborhoods, you would see trailer after trailer after trailer parked in everyone's driveways (which i'm assuming were fema trailers)

the french quarter looked fine though. hard to believe it was underwater. everything looks like it's up and running pretty well. i could be wrong though.

anyway, thanks for joining drummerworld, stanton. looking forward to some insightful posts.
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