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Mikkey Dee is an awsome drummer havent really followed much with motorhead cause Im really not into them but if you want to check out an excellent different style in double bass with many time changes good double bass and china cymbal work check out king diamond "abigail" 1,"Them" and most of all the best cd is "conspiracy" after he left king diamond he played on Don Dokkens solo album up from the ashes which was a little more of a pop metal album but its does have a few heavy tracks with some great guitar licks and double bass "the hunger" is a great track from that one.Back then in the late 80s when I was honing my double bass skills Mikkey Dees style really stood out as something a little bit different than other stuff I had been hearing in rock and metal and hes definately worth checking out and should be included on this site for his great drumming thanks
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