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Default Re: avenged sevenfold debate

Originally Posted by franklinj View Post
I know how you feel man. When im listening to Exodus, Testament, or Malevolent Creation at school, a lot of kids ask what im listening to (and dont expect the answer since I dont look "metal" enough :>) ) . As soon as I say that, the kids start saying about how much better A7X is, and even how much more technically gifted they are. I cant stand it.

I think its just like Slipknot- the musics allright, but I cant stand the fans.
This metal looking thing is tough on me, too. I'm at a private school so most of the people are very preppy. I wear collared shirts most of the time just because it's what I have, everyone assumes I'm just another DMB fan because of it.

This is about to come an all around metal debate but let me pose a question
Am I the only one who constantly gets battered with statements like "Jack Johnson and DMB are better than all metal bands because their lyrics are more thoughtful and I have my head shoved up my A**."? It's as though the people are too afraid of liking metal to even give it a chance, the mainstream won't change because people are afraid of being different. I personally find an equal amount of meaning in the way the notes and instruments are used. What do you guys think?
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