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Default Re: avenged sevenfold debate

Originally Posted by Mr. Pasquini View Post
Of course I like Alice! Now before I talk about it anymore, I do respect your liking of Avenged Sevenfold, they do have a few songs that are admittedly alright. I'm just not into the punk type scene. Everyone markets them as a very heavy band... or at least in my area, all these little kids wear A7X shirts and tell you that A7X is so hardcore and they have all the toughest music. It's got a lot to do with the crowd around here.
I know how you feel man. When im listening to Exodus, Testament, or Malevolent Creation at school, a lot of kids ask what im listening to (and dont expect the answer since I dont look "metal" enough :>) ) . As soon as I say that, the kids start saying about how much better A7X is, and even how much more technically gifted they are. I cant stand it.

I think its just like Slipknot- the musics allright, but I cant stand the fans.
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