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Originally Posted by Wavelength View Post
Certainly, and I encourage everyone to keep on clicking to their heart's content. In fact, I just allowed the GoogleAd scripts for a minute and clicked on a couple of ads -- and that's more than I've clicked during my entire stay on DW. It doesn't change the fact that I find seeing ads unpleasant, and therefore I choose to filter them out most of the time. Makes no sense? Makes perfect sense to me.
Believe it or not, I don't necessarily see ads as unpleasant. As long as they aren't pop-ups, there aren't a million of them on the page, they don't flash rapidly or do anything else annoying, I sometimes see products and services that I want to buy. I see ads as just another component of the site - the component that helps keep the site alive. I want to support companies that are supporting sites I like. Bernhard's ads are pretty restrained, compared to some sites you go to.

We are flooded with so much annoying advertising that it's easy to forget that when done correctly, advertisements have a legitimate role in generating revenue and informing visitors about goods and services they want or need.
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