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Default Re: avenged sevenfold debate

i actually listen to a lot of metal i'm just not a fan of anything with screaming or the singer sounds like cookie monster, no offense. but gates has a certain sound thats strikes me a little differently i don't know why. i'm not saying they're the greatest band or anything but i'm comparing them to the loads of crap thats out today. and secondxheartbeat, you do know m shadows had vocal chord surgery right? anyway i kinda feel the same way about gym class heroes. their older stuff(for the kids and papercut chronicles) is amazing and i was let down alittle by the new album mostly due to fall out boy production but everyone loves this new cupids chokehold when its not even the real version and they have much much better songs. i too was/am a fan of punk music like the ramones the clash richard hell the damned television rancid op ivy all those bands, but tastes matured as my drummings evolved
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