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Default Re: avenged sevenfold debate

Originally Posted by moe.ron View Post
this is just to see how you guys feel about the new sound of avenged sevenfold. i personally love it. i never got into them before city of evil because i can't listen to music with a lot of screaming not to mention it seemed like they were holding back a lot where as now they seem to unleash all hell on the disk. m shadows is a fantastic singer, the rev is insane(not my type of drumming but still great), and of coursy synester gates is one of the greatest guitarists to come along since slash. any opinions?
Not to sound rude, but do you listen to a lot of metal? There have been plenty of guitarists that FAR surpass Slash and A7X's guitarist. Granted he is one of the better guitarists on the radio nowadays (not counting studio musicians), but he is nowhere near as good as he is hyped up to be. Same goes for the rest of the members- many more creative and more technically gifted players have flown under the pop culture radar.

I have to agree w/ Mr. Pasquini on this one. Their sound has never striked me as unique. I prefer earlier thrash, black and death metal, but then again, thats just me.
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