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Originally Posted by fourstringdrums View Post
It makes perfect sense, he doesn't want to be bothered by ads everywhere, so he has the right to block them.
Indeed. I have every right of choosing what kind of information my web browser transfers (and doesn't transfer) to me. I find all kinds of advertisements irritating, and I've never ever wanted to click on any ads on any web page. As fourstringdrums said, you only get money for each click, not for each viewed ad. I won't ever click on any ad -- especially when none of the advertised services are available in my country -- so there really is no harm in filtering them out.

Now, if holding an account on the DW Forums required some monthly, or even weekly ad clicking, I'd have no problem with it. At the present the forum rules do not deny users from blocking ads, nor do they force me to view any ads or click on them, and therefore I choose not to see ads and not to click on them.
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