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Default Re: Stanton Moore here

Hi Stanton - great to have you on board!!

...and for the sceptical ones: yes, this IS Stanton Stanton Moore.

I had the chance to meet Stanton on several occasions: Columbus, London, Austin....he's the man!!

He really cares of the heritage of New Orleans Drumming and made me aware of James Black and helped me building his page on Drummerworld.

Always when I listen to Stanton, it animates me to sit down on my drums - what can I ask for more....

Listen to Stanton:
Poison Pushy

Check also out his 2006 Review

and of course visit also his own forum:
Stanton Forum

Hey Forummembers: Take the chance and ask some interesting questions!!!

and never forget: R R L R R L R L .....


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