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When the band comes over, I like to record the session because it helps to learn new songs. I have a small practice room and the mic stand and cords would keep getting in the way, with two or three people and their gear in a small space.

The ceiling mount mic stand provides a good way to mic stuff without taking up floor space. I painted, drilled and mounted a desktop mic base to the ceiling, drilled and grommeted holes and ran mic cable through. I used a 3/8-inch coarse threaded rod to go into the base screw adaptor (available at any music store) and that connects with a mic boom. Velcro keeps the mic cables in line and there is several feet of cable stowed in the ceiling. The mic cables run through the ceiling and down a wall to a mixing board, which is connected to a CD recorder. Simple, but it works!

Mic stand stowed, out of the way of people of average height.

Mic cables come out of the wall through a steel cover plate, drilled and cushioned with rubber grommets. The phono out lines go to the CD recorder.

Mic stand extended for use. I have rod extensions to allow the boom stand to go much lower if necessary, even to ground level for miking tablas. But this range is excellent for general ambient recording of practice sessions.
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