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Default Re: The Buddy Rich trick

I stumbled across this technique myself a couple of years back and it was just natural for me. I now have it up to great speeds, faster than controlling rebound strictly from fingers which is where most people have their fastest speed. The most important thing is to get it smooth, relaxed, and keep an opened grip (that space between index and thumb is important). Also, I play matched so I can't help with the traditional equivalent of the technique.
But I do have my single stroke roll down with this technique quite well, when I last checked I could do over 1000 strokes in a minute (i timed a minute at 100 bpm of quintuplets times 2 with the other hand filling between the spaces, i don't know what that division would be called). WFD drummer material in a year's practice haha. yeah right!

I'm gonna be working on it more of course because I'm still nowhere near JoJo or Buddy Rich with the technique.
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