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Default Re: My Tama Superstars in Custom Amber Fade

Originally Posted by drozzy View Post
Very nice cymbal selection, meinl is definately the way to go in australia (with other brands and their crazy pricing)!

However id suggest you go the 18 inch amun china... its everything a china should be (and a lot cheaper)

I have the same hats and ride you want, very good choices! The hats are very versatile, whilst being very heavy and cutting. The ride is dark and very very nice!

I have a 16" amun crash, which gets pounded very heavily in a lot of metal and hard rock drumming, and stands up superbly, very ncie, even tone too.

And a hint, Venue Music in sydney had a lot of meinl cymbals going cheap, so give them a ring, ask for steve, say Tom told you to ring there, and ask about the mb20's and amuns they have on special! I was very tempted to buy some amun splashes for around 40-60 dollars! And the mb20 hats were going for 220... well worth it! (retail 599, i got these for 380.. very annoyed when i saw the sale price!).

Superb looking kit... making me want a tama starclassic.. not a good thing whilst im broke!
Will do thanks for the tip
My Tama Superstar
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