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Default Jon Theodore

Even though most of you probably already know of Jon Theodore, I think you need to really sit down and listen to him play to understand how amazing his playing is. He is probably my favourite new drummer on the scene, just because of the power and depth that he has in his playing.
For those of you who listen to the band he plays in, The Mars Volta, you will know how experimental their music is and I find it amazing how he thinks up new grooves and ways to incorperate even the smallest sounds to make certain parts of songs that much cooler.

This guy just leaves me amazed every time I hear him playing on the albums or from live recordings. I hoping to go see The Mars Volta in September when they play in Toronto, and I'm sure I'll be just blown away by the unbelievable power, pressense, and skill that Jon Theodore has while on stage.

If you haven't check him out, do so now!
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